UTV Rental Policies

Making Reservations

To reserve a an ATV online you must reserve your UTV Rental at least 24 hours in advance. For rentals or tour within 24 hours Please call 541-204-4044.  After paying for the rental, your UTV is reserved rain or shine, so please plan accordingly. For multiple days or multiple UTV rental reservations, please call 541-204-4044. UTV rentals will be picked up at the same location they are dropped-off unless otherwise arranged.

Cancellation Policy

  • Please call 541-204-4044 to cancel or modify your reservation. Reservations cannot be modified online.
  • Octane Adventures will issue a refund minus $100 reservation fee per machine if cancellation is made at least 48 hours prior to the reservation start time.
  • If the Cancellation is made within 48 hours of your reservation start time you will be charged 50% of the reservation fee. When the equipment is reserved, it is no longer available for other customers and as such Octane Adventures cannot commit the equipment to another customer during the reserved dates.
  • We offer a one-time courtesy reservation rescheduling if the change to the reservation is made at least 48 hours before the reservation start time. Rescheduling is based on rental availability, and the new reservation must take place during the current riding season.

Rental Duration Details

Short (2-Hour) : Starts 9am – Return at 11am | Starts at noon – Return at 2pm | Starts at 3pm – Return at 5PM
Half Day (4-Hours):
 Start at 9 am – Return at 1 pm | Start at 11 am – Return at 3 pm | start at 1 pm drop off at 5 pm
Full Day (8-Hours): Start at 9 am – Return at 5 pm
24 Hour Rental: Call us at 541-204-4044

Optional: Tire & Belt Damage Waiver

Ensure you have a great ride with our Tire & Belt Damage waiver that puts a low deductable should you get a flat tire or damage a drive belt during your ride. The Tire & Belt protection options are as follows:

  • Optional Protection: For $30 per day, the renter can secure a $50 deductible on a tire or belt as well as no additional charge for a service tech to come and change the damaged tire or belt on the trail.


On the day of your rental, Octane Adventures will preauthorize your credit card for the full damage deposit of $2000. The full amount of the DAMAGE DEPOSIT MUST BE AVAILABLE in order to rent the UTV.

You are responsible for ALL Damages to the machine, up to the full price of the unit if it is a Total Loss.

If a machine is tipped over, Damages usually range between $1800 and $4500. 

The damage deposit is used to cover loss, damages, and expenses associated with the operation of your rental. The list of charges below is an example of the kinds of fees that may be incurred in the event of a loss or damage. It is our policy to charge the credit card in full once the damage has been observed.

  • Parts to repair damage to tire, rim, the body of the vehicle, roof, and accessories
  • Labor for repair
  • Loss of rental income (if the unit is not able to be rented due to damage, loss or needed repairs)
  • Recovery fee for vehicle
  • Other accessories included but not limited to GPS Tablet or tracker, air compressor, rear-view mirrors, stereo.
  • Helmets and goggles


Fuel Surcharge

All rentals are sent out with a full tank of gas. Because we drop-off and pick-up machines away from fuel facilities, we’ll take care of the fuel for you. When we refuel the vehicle, the following estimates charges will apply. Charges will be deducted from Damage Deposit unless otherwise arranged.

Estimated Fuel Surcharge

  • Full tank: $40
  • Three-quarters tank: $30
  • Half tank: $20
  • Quarter tank: $10

Cleaning Fee (If Applicable)

All rentals are sent out clean.  We expect the machines to get dusty or dirty depending on the riding conditions. If the rental is returned with excessive dirt/mud there will be an additional cleaning charge of $25.

Late Return Charges

Octane Adventures will charge the following late return fees:

  • $60 per unit if the UTV is brought back up to 1 hour late from return time.
  • $125 per unit if the UTV is brought back up to 2 hours late from return time.
  • Full day rental charge if the UTV is brought back more than 2 full hours late from return time.

When To Arrive For Pick-Up 

We highly recommend arriving 15 minutes prior to your reservation to complete all of the required paperwork and go over the operation of the machine. Late arrivals will cut into your rental time.

What’s Included With The Rental?

The rental fee includes a trail map, cooler, helmets, and goggles for all drivers and passengers and a full tank of gas. Helmets are required for drivers and passengers.

What You Should Bring

  • Eyewear is mandatory. Your rental includes goggles. Sunglasses, prescription glasses, and goggles are all acceptable forms of eyewear.
  • Phone with Charger, the RZR has 12v plug
  • Water and snacks
  • Bug spray and sunscreen
  • Durable closed-toe shoes; open-toe shoes are not permitted
  • Several layers of clothing
  • Rain gear
  • Gloves

When Returning Your UTV Rental

The UTV is to be returned in the exact same condition it was in upon check-out.
NOTE: acceptable tire tread-wear is expected, however excessive wear/damage will be charged.

Renter Rules and Responsibilities 

  1. I understand there are trails too extreme for rentals and that damage can occur. I will be charged $150 per hour for recovery and towing of rentals.
  2. I understand that if I damage my rental I will be charged for rental down days while parts are ordered, and the machine is being repaired.
  3. I understand that if I spin circles or slide sideways rentals will tip over and cause damage. If I tip my rental over I will be charged a minimum of one-hour labor whether there is damage or not.
  4. I understand that jumping the machines will cause damage and voids my damage waiver.
  5. I understand that Shifting gears, engaging or disengaging four-wheel drive will only be done when the machine is completely stopped and idling.
  6. I understand that I am responsible for all costs to replace tires, and drive belts unless I purchase the Tire & Belt damage waiver.
  7. I understand that Octane Adventures has up to 24 hours to check over my rentals after returning for any damages.
  8. Octane Adventures cannot guarantee the accuracy of the digital maps if provided. Each user of the provided maps is responsible for determining its suitability for his or her intended use or purpose.
  9. I understand that Octane Adventures UTVs are not allowed on unapproved roads (wide 2 lane gravel roads) or paved roads.
  10. I understand and agree that that there is additional charges if the machine is excessively dirty or muddy.
  11. I understand there is a fuel surcharge that will be taken from the damage deposit after the rental is returned.
  12. On 1000cc machines. If rental returns with a check engine light and reads belt codes matching (65590,65591,65592) you have damaged the drive belt, and will pay full price, or the $50 belt deductible if the damaged waiver was purchased.
  13. Do not ride off designated roads or OHV trails. Machines are tracked with GPS and additional Charges or fines may apply for doing so.
  14. I understand that seatbelts and helmets must be worn at all times.
  15. I understand that I may not operate the equipment under the influence of alcohol or other drugs.